Ecuador’s Eastern region, known as El Oriente, is full of rainforest. The Amazon rainforest, in fact. Arguably the best preserved section of the Amazon due to several protected National Parks and Reserves, this is a great place to experience the unbelievable biodiversity of the world's largest jungle. From the dazzling array of flora, including a “pharmacy” full of medical plants that indigenous communities have for centuries, to the fauna, which include tapirs, anacondas, boa constrictors, alligators, jaguars, bears, monkeys, large rodents and more than 900 species of birds.

Things to do

  • Stay in an Eco Lodge in Yasuni National Park
  • Bird watch in the forest canopy
  • Bushwhack through the rainforest and experience the mind-boggling biodiversity first hand
  • Meet the local people and learn their way of life