Gliding down westward from the slopes of the Andes to the Pacific Ocean, the region known as La Costa (the Coast) includes the beaches and lowland plains of Ecuador. It’s tropical and sunny climate can be a welcome change from the sometimes chilly climate in the highlands. Boasting beautiful beaches, sleepy fishing villages, bustling modern cities, plantations, and the last remnants of Ecuador's once vast dry forest, the unspoiled natural beauty is enhanced by the rich cultural heritage of pre-Colombian indigenous groups.

Things to Do

  • Climb the 400 steps of Cerra Santa Ana in Las Peñas, Guayaquil
  • Enjoy the Miami Beach vibe in Salinas
  • Go surfing in Montañita
  • Travel to cozy coastal towns on the Ruta del Sol
  • Go diving, fishing, or whale watching in Puerto Lopez
  • Visit Isla de la Plata and see blue footed boobies

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