Peru is the "heartland" of the Incan civilization and known as the "Egypt" of South America. There are an abundance of Incan ruins and exciting archaelogical remnants of pre-Incan cultures such as the Nazca Lines. Foremost among these is Machu Picchu, an awesome reminder of the legendary Incans, situated along the Sacred Valley near Cuzco. Apart from Peru's slice of the fear-inspiring Amazon rainforest, Southern Peru boasts gorgeous natural treasure such as Lake Titicaca, the Chachapoyas region, Colca and Cotahuasi canyons, and more. Experience Spanish colonial and modern-era Peruvian culture in Cuzco and Lima.

Things to do

  • Hike the Incan Trail from Cuzco and explore Incan archeological ruins
  • Visit the awesome and breathtaking Machu Picchu ruins
  • Wonder at the mysterious Nazca Lines
  • Go mountain climbing in Cordillera Blanca
  • See andean condors gliding on thermals in Colca Canyon
  • Explore the islands of Lake Titicaca, the highest freshwater lake in the world
  • Experience the boisterous nightlife and fine dining in modern Lima

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