Why Live in Ecuador?

Even just 10 years ago, the idea of living in Ecuador would have seemed odd. But as more people make the move, the benefits have become more and more apparent. Not only is living in Ecuador well within reach, but it has increasingly become a legitimate financial planning option.

Benefits of living in Ecuador

The cost of living is between 39-70% less than the average in the US.
One can easily live on $1200 or less per month. The US Dollar is used, so financial transactions and conversions are much simpler and less expensive than countries with their own currencies.

Ecuador is one of the safest countries in Latin America.
The areas where people are moving to have a reputation for being exceptionally safe. People are generally friendly and cordial to foreigners.

High quality of life.
The air is clean. There's easy and cheap access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables and naturally raised meats.

Excellent, affordable healthcare.
Ecuador's many hospitals and private clinics provide top-notch medical care in clean and modern environments. Many specialists have practiced medicine in the US or Europe. Brand name and generic medications are widely available and cost less.

Natural beauty.
Ecuador contains a whole world of natural diversity in a small land area. Travel from coastal beaches, through the Andes, to the Amazon rainforest, all in a single day.

Peace and quiet.
Ecuador is not as congested as other countries. You'll find tranquility without feeling isolated.

Who is moving to Ecuador?

Couple in city

Retired persons and other pensioners.
They enjoy a standard of living much higher on social security or pensions than they could in their home country.

Young professionals.
They work online or conduct business in the local economy, while having access to all that Ecuador has to offer in their leisure time.

Many travelers take extended vacations or sabbaticals ranging from a few months to even years in length. Their dollar takes them farther and lasts longer.

How Travel Contigo can assist you

We provide a discovery trip.
Come down and take a tour of the country with us! We'll help you see if Ecuador is right for you, and where you may want to live.

We get you in touch with trusted, local professionals.
We know attorneys, brokers, and agencies who we highly recommend and have conducted business with personally. They will assist you in legal and visa matters, real estate matters, banking services, and more.

We will hold your hand through the process.
The idea of moving to a foreign country may seem daunting, but you'll find that with our personalized services the process will be easier and more convenient. We give you as much support as you need, and our job is not complete until you are fully settled and comfortable in your new home in Ecuador!

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